A tour at the heart of 53dots

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Visit 53dots from the comfort of your own home! This video footage guides you through our facilities to get a flavor of all the great things happening in the heart of 53dots.

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Printing Machines

  • 70x100cm – 4 colors Recto – water base varnish
  • 70x100cm – 2 colors Recto and 2 colors Verso or 4 colors Recto
  • 50x70cm – 5 colors Recto – water base varnish – dryer – built in image control

Printing Machines

  • 70x100cm – 5 colors Recto – water base varnish – dryer
  • 70x100cm – 1 color Recto and 1 color Verso or 2 colors Recto
  • 70x100cm – 2 colors Recto and 2 colors Verso or 4 colors Recto

Perfect Binding PUR

This is a relatively new method of binding books, it has some advantages, mostly its durability. It uses PUR glue instead of the more commonly used EVA hot melt.
This means that PUR bound books are very durable – it is almost impossible to pull a page from the bound book.

Collating 20 Units

In printing, the term Collate refers to the gathering and arranging of individual sheets or other printed components into a pre-determined sequence. Basically, Collating creates consistent, logical sets from multiple parts.

Saddle Stitching (6+1) Units

Saddle-stitched binding is a very popular binding method for booklets, catalogs, magazines… the list goes on and on! They’re very popular among customers due to how economical they are to design, print, and bind.

Folding Machines

  • Folding 50x70cm
  • Folding special (maps)
  • folding 70x100cm / 5 folds
  • folding 70x100cm / 7 folds

Packaging Machines

(1) gluing 1 line / lock bottom / 4 corners / 6 corners (2) Window patching (3) Box erector (4) Die cut 70x100cm (5 & 6) Die Cut 50x70cm cylinder (7 & 8) Hot stamping.